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The Walk In Shower Guys boost of well trained and equipped professionals who have a rich experience in installation in walk in showers. The continued growth of Walk In Shower Guys is attributed to the good work the staff does every day. They observe professionalism while at work and they always complete the project as per the schedule. The customer experience at the show room is always the best thanks to the welcoming staff at the facility.

Why walk in showers

The walk in showers has limited risk of injury. The main reason why the walk in showers is installed in homes is to reduce the risk of potential injury. The aging and disabled people have a difficult operating and getting into a shower or tub. This difficulty is coupled with injuries that result from slipping, tripping or falling. The walk in showers has a limited chance of injury due to the lack of barriers.

Are you in need of a walk in shower in your home? Or are you looking to add an elegant touch to your bathroom remodelling project? Walk In Shower Guys has everything you need to complete your project. Please contact Walk In Shower Guys on 888-273-5742 and enquire for a professional quotation and book for a personal consultation.

More advantages of walk in showers

• Easy to clean; the traditional showers can be hard to clean as there are nooks and crannies that are barely reachable without the flexibility of a contortionist and therefore the result is that some areas will be left not cleaned and can amass to form grime and lime scale. The walk in showers provides a much bigger and more open space and this gives the cleaner a simpler cleaning job.

• The walk in showers are economically and environmentally friendly; an average shower take about eight minutes and the amount of water consumed is about 62 liters of hot water when using a walk in shower when compared to 80 liters of water consumed in the average bath. Over the course of the month, such difference will have a significant impact on water usage and being more eco-friendly as well. Although a bath is a real luxury from time to time, a walk in shower on the other hand provides shower benefits for much longer.

• The walk in shower is easily accessible; handicapped and elderly individuals have problems steeping in and out of the shower or tub especially if the step is high or slippery. The walk in shower have easy access as it lacks an external barrier and therefore such people will have no need of stepping over a large and restrictive barrier to get a shower.

If you are up to date on home design trends or you are looking to remodel your home bathroom, you may consider installing a walk in shower. From design possibilities to improving life for handicapped or the elderly individuals, walk in showers are the ideal option for all types of lifestyles and home owners. Get in touch with Walk In Shower Guys on 888-273-5742 and we will be glad to help.

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