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Walk In Shower Guys operates in Macks Inn, ID and offers all service that are related to walk in showers. The Walk In Shower Guys in Macks Inn, ID is open any hour and the customers can visit our showroom any time of the day. The Walk In Shower Guys in Macks Inn, ID will help you design and install a Walk In Shower in your home in an effortless manner.



The Walk In Shower is elegant and contemporary. At Walk In Shower Guys in Macks Inn, ID there are different designs of walk in showers today. The Walk In Shower Guys provides the largest range of walk in showers in Macks Inn, ID that have appealing designs. Custom made walk in showers are available in many sizes, manufactured to the highest standards and packed with features that are ensuring the safety and comfort for the users. For more information about the full range of walk in showers get in touch with Walk In Shower Guys in Macks Inn, ID on 888-273-5742.


Elegant design options

At Walk In Shower Guys in Macks Inn, ID walk in showers have beautiful and simple designs. The walk in showers have unique structure and therefore the home owners have the ability to implement a many design options that include the material used, color, style and patterns. If you have been looking for a sleek, eloquent and sophisticated look for your bathroom, a Walk In Shower may be the option you been looking for. We always extend a warm welcome to any customer who wishes to visit us.

Please contact us on 888-273-5742 and book a personal consultation with the leading service providers.

Walk in shower without a door

At Walk In Shower Guys in Macks Inn, ID there are custom designed door less wash in showers that features a level threshold, wall-mounted and handled shower heads, a shower seat and a wall niche for shower supplies. The Walk In Shower without a door has any advantages over the traditional shower stalls. The main advantages of walk in showers from Walk In Shower Guys in Macks Inn, ID are; easy maintenance requirements. Cleaning a shower with glass doors can be a chore especially if the doors are sliding doors. The shower without a door is easy to wipe down and requires minimal care of surfaces. The other advantage of Walk In Shower without a door is accessibility and safety; thresholds can be an inconvenience and cause tripping particularly for family members having a mobility that is compromised and those who may have difficulty using a confined shower. The slider doors can be present a problem when they stick or run off the glides, walk in showers that do not have a door can eliminate these issues and they can be installed with low or level thresholds.

Door less walk in showers can be installed in a corner or can replace a bathtub or even an existing shower. The walls and the flooring are designed to contain water as there are opening to the rest of the bathroom. The design involves the custom tile work and partitions depending on the customer’s needs and preferences.

If you want to install a door less Walk In Shower talk to professionals at Walk In Shower Guys in Macks Inn, ID. Call us on 888-273-5742 today and we will be glad to help.

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